Advanced Laundry Systems

The #1 Commercial Laundry Distributor in Greater New York.

At Advanced Laundry Systems, we are completely passionate about the commercial laundry industry and are experts at helping laundromat owners build successful businesses that will thrive — long term.

In addition to being equipment distributors, we have decades of experience in operating successful laundromat stores, so you can be confident that your business is in the hands of seasoned veterans. From the best equipment to the best advice and services, we’ll support you for years to come.

Our Promise

We look to build long-lasting relationships that enrich and support our customers. Giving them a clear road map to success — based not on our bottom line, but tailored to our customer’s needs and future aspirations.

Our Story

David Amarando founded Advanced Laundry Systems in 1988 after many years of owning and managing his own laundromat businesses. Having built his own stores from the ground up, David was determined to share his insight and help his customers build successful laundromats.

In the decades that followed, David has forged many friendships and businesses partnerships with laundromat owners throughout Greater New York. Advanced Laundry Systems has equipped 400+ stores and has stood by every sale with expert services and business advice.

With a hard-working team of experienced laundry experts and skilled technicians, Advanced Laundry Systems are ready to assist New York laundromat owners long into the future.

Company Values



Long-Term Strategy

Finding out the future goals of our customers — and ensuring those goals are met — are our quintessential values.

While we are proud to sell the best commercial laundry equipment, the Advanced Laundry Systems team know that it is just as important to build lasting relationships and help our customers reach their greatest potential.