Testimonials from happy clients.

At Advanced Laundry Systems, we value our relationships. We know it’s not enough to just sell a product, you must be there to support that product for years to come. That’s why we treat our customers like partners.

We make sure that we give you the best. Not only do we provide the best commercial laundry equipment, we make sure that our products are the easiest to purchase, the easiest to service and that our support is unrivaled.

David steered me away from multiple bad deals he could have profited on while working patiently with me for two years before he saw a dollar from me. That is all you need to know about the kind of guy David is. He has been a mentor and a friend to me and I don’t believe I would have been successful in this business had I not met him.

Avi Sharabi, Owner of Laundryland (Brooklyn, NY)

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  • I do a double take when I open my utility bills because they are so much lower than I thought they would be. Also, the brand recognition is tremendous. Customers come to the store specifically because of the Electrolux brand.John Pinnock, owner of all-Electrolux Laundry City
  • I’ve been using Wascomat laundry equipment for more than 30 years and I completely trust the quality, performance, and results. I prefer to control our laundry process and there’s no denying that we save time and money by using Wascomat equipment. Plain and simple, it gets the job done.Jim Mandas, owner of Rosewood Restaurant
  • We wanted whatever equipment we purchased to consistently deliver superior results for our customers—that was a top priority. We carefully researched all options before determining that Wascomat equipment would give us the savings and performance we required. Wascomat gives us a payback on our investment not possible with other equipment.Les Hong, owner of The Highway Coin Laundry
  • Wascomat makes fantastic machines. We decided to do our laundry in-house to save on costs and to have control of our laundry. We have a washer, dryer, and ironer in our restaurant. We chose Wascomat machines because they are the best in the business.Robert Patel, partner at Chicago Chop House
  • The [Wascomat] flatwork ironer has already proven itself since we are able to feed, dry, iron, and do a length fold with only one worker. The labor savings are awesome and it throws off much less heat than any other flatwork ironer that I have ever worked with.Joanna, Executive Housekeeper at Four Points Sheraton